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I'm 37 years old, male, and at a healthy weight for my height. I had some bleeding and heart burn on last June 2014 and then I consult my PCP and he checked and prescribe Nexium and sent me the proctology finally its end up with hemorrhoids Surgery in December 23rd 2014

But still I have the rectal bleeding and passing so much Blood mix/white mucus/jelly, then the Proctology put a camera through the rectum hope 3-4inch and he completed this is not hemorrhoids anymore and consult a GI


Went to see the GI today and schedule the Colonoscopy for April 2nd  

My symptoms:  - Rectal bleeding on three occasions; first two were followed shortly by bloody diarrhea or Gas, The third, and most recent, happened without a bowel movement whatsoever. Blood white /bloom mix jelly/mucus dripping out of my rectum for a few minutes colored the toilet water red. So red in fact you couldn't even see the bottom of the bowl, There was no pain/itching/burning associated with this. I didn't even need to have a BM -- I just sat to urinate and noticed bloody mucus with passing gas -I get frequent sharp 'gassy' in my lower belly area , These are just like gurgling noise one might feel when they have a lot of gas that needs releasing.  - Changed bowel habits. I used to have a BM maybe once every day. Now it is mostly 2/3 times a day (on the days when I don't have diarrhea). The stool itself is so soft as to almost be called diarrhea, and breaks apart easily. Most of the time it comes out in smaller soft pieces. No pain, no strain.  - Bloody stool. Occasionally I see large blotches of bright to dark red blood on the stool or mixed into the 'cracks' of the stool,

- Diarrhea. On a few occasions, mostly in the morning, I get severe diarrhea accompanied by chills.  - Mucus. Also lately there have been HUGE amounts of thick white mucus on the outside of the stools which I pass that are formed. Sometimes there is so much mucus with blood mix, can hardly see the actual stool.  I have had no significant weight loss or changes ,

 kindly advise if any one got the same symptom or experience that can share with me to help!



Pus, blood or a lot of mucus in stool IS A REASON TO BE CONCERNED.

Normal amount of mucus helps stool to pass and that is normal, which also means that a "normal" bowel movement will not produce much mucus. 

Increased amount of mucus can be a sign of bacterial infection, dehydration, anal fissures, etc.

Now, when you have bloody stool, that is definitely a sign that something is wrong with you. People should generally contact a doctor if a noticeable increase in mucus or blood in a bowel movement occurs after eating a certain food. Your doctor should take a blood samples to see what is happening to you.