Hi guys, I have for the most part of two years been suffering with chronic pains, so much so it affected my job and my life. This would occur usually 2 times a week. The symptoms are terrible cramping ( feeling like I'm going to burst) Dizziness Hot and cold flushes Occasionally vomiting ( I think this could be due to the pain ) Tired lethargic feeling will last a day or two afterwards Light cramping, aches for the next few days. Rapid weight gain over the last two years. The first few times I go to the toilet, nothing happens. After that I can be on the toilet for hours, waiting for the cramps to hit. Eventually when the BM's start happening they are accompanied by the severe cramps and will go from from hard to diarrhea. I have had several hospital appointments including an ultrasound, a colonoscopy, and blood tests and they still can't find anything. One doctor suggested I have half a teaspoon of Epsom salt in warm water every morning as he believes my body has a resistance to fibre. He suggested that in my body fibre actually blocks my system instead of helping. I have been on the Epsom salts now for over 6 months, they do help. However every month or so I still have an attack. Maybe this can help some of you guys? But talk to your doc first. It's very frustrating trying to explain this to a doctor or person that hasn't been through it as they tend to cloud everything under IBS, it really seems to me that it's speak for I have no idea what it is. Booked in tomorrow to see a doc, Had the worst attack this weekend with this and haven't been able to go to the toilet for a few days since and today it was just mucus and blood. Still feeling tired and achy. Sorry for the essay, just putting it out there to people who understand and hoping someone has some ideas or answers. Thank you :)