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I live about 20 miles from a state hosptial. Since the partial closure of this state mental hospital in the early 90's many of the residents have been abandoned to fend for themselves. Half way houses can only take so many. Some have been beaten to death. Some have beaten others to death.

Those who were "reintroduced" into the community without family are largely not doing well and meds aren't taken. Some even want to go back.

In the name of humanity the state did this but I say it was in the name of saving money.

My aunt worked in the kitchen of this state hospital for 17 years and said that most of the buildings were like college campuses and people came and went as they pleased with beautiful grounds and gardens for them to enjoy as well as many recreational activities. There were a few buildings for forensics which they never came outside.

Now most have homeless shelters and prison.

Some are outright dangers to the general public. Some are dangerous only to themselves.

I can only think deinstitutionalization is a bad idea. What do you think?


Some people shouldn't be institutionalized in the first place. Statistically if you go to a psychiatrist/psychologist 89% of the time you will be diagnosed with something. Which if you truly are having mental anguish that is caused by an event in your life (that will probably pass) will get into your head and affect you.

For those who really do need the help, I agree that de-institutionalization is probably not the best choice. Also, it does greatly impact the community.

Do you have a plan to contact your local representatives or anyone in power to try and re-instate at least some portion of the buildings back to a mental health facility?