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I would like to know the benifits or cons or getting a coffee enema? Please help


Well one period of time my mother was using coffee Enema because it was claimed that it can prevent cancer and that it is good for detoxification of the body. After few weeks she had constipation so she went to visit her family doctor and he said to stop using that coffee. But on the other hand my aunt who was a little bit fat is still using enema coffee and she is claiming that it helped her to lose some weight and that there are no side effects.

So the main question is why do you want to use this coffee? To fight some condition or for prevention of Cancer? 

It would be wise to consult your doctor before you start to use it because on the facts stated in your medical chart he would know the best option for you. And if you start just be sure to follow the label instructions. Later on you can share your experience with us.