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Im an army specials forces vet who spent multiple years in Afghanistan  and Iraq. once a major college football player so my body was my temple.  On what ended up to be my final year deployed to a war  zone I took a 7.62 round to the abdomen  fell out of the helo and fractured my back requiring L2-5 fusion with metal rods along with losing 3ft of my intestines. Im currently taking up to 300 mg of oxycodone for pain but not sure how much longer I can keep up taking drugs.  any suggestions greatly appreciated.


You have an addiction to opiates not saying you chose to do so but your body is adapting to the high levels (This is part of addiction).

The sooner the better but it needs to be under the supervision of a doctor also I would look at suboxone.

If I could go back and do things different with suboxone

I would set a time to jump off of sub's before i took them month max maybe two weeks @ .5 mg lowest dose!

Your going to have withdraws the goal is to minimize them and suboxone will if used correctly.

Also when you get off you might find out you have suaver back pain from you accident but you will never now until you quit.

Last you better be careful because your mind is going to tell you the withdraws are do to your accident.  Do some research on opiate withdraws so when you start withdrawing you can listen to your body and identify withdraw from accident pain.

My hat is off to you for what you have done for are country and me! 

This isn't going to be easy and this is my story nothing comparable to yours------------------>





Yes i stopped using morphine years ago that was my peak of a 12 year addiction the last 3 years of opiate addiction was spent on sub's.

Last day I used was October 26, 2012 @ 7:00 a.m. 2 mg sub's.

This is the hardest thing I have ever done its so easier to just take a pill and this goes threw my mind every minute (addiction). I remind myself where I came from and to give and idea to everyone who reads this I will tell you. At my peak of addiction I was a full blown addict and drunk!

I remember keeping an ice chest in the back of my truck full of beer and I would drink for weeks at a time morning to night. On top of this I was eating opiates daily Oxycontin, morphine, hydrogodone and anything else I got my hands on. The hydrogondone i was taking had amphetamine (same as what Tylenol has in it). This amphetamine mixed with alcohol kills your liver and kidneys. I ended up pissing and pooping blood everyday at the time I new why and how. I was trying to kill myself I didn't care (Heavy depression from my childhood). sad......

I catch myself smiling and I haven't smiled in 13 years. When I smiled all those years I was making myself do so when a joke was told or whatever. Now I smile automatically everyday over dum stuff like my dog. This is an example of living! I can feel the sun on my face, smell the air and I see crisper WOW! Amazing.....

The best advice I can give for the addict reading my post whatever drug of choice, Its so much easier to stay drunk or high its harder to be sober but being sober give's you a chance to live!

When the withdraws start or before they do walk jog run! Turn your frustration into anger then anger into motivation! Now you may say their is no way in hell I can get out of this bed I now I was there 5 days ago. Its very hard I I thought I was going to hit the ground and die. Actually death would have been easier!

But what I was telling myself was I have been screwed up for more than half my life spent $1000's of dollars to maintain that. If I had all the money I have spent or a direct loss do to addiction I could retire @ 30 (That is how old I am). Sad...

I'm going to get threw this if its the last f*****g thing I do on this earth! Turn some good music on take that anger and jog!

My favorite is Eminem - Not Afraid GO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT AFTER YOU READ THIS!


I feel good today (Day 14 sober) I'm not 100% but not tired slept about 5 hours not shaking the only bad is depression (I'm seeing a counselor every week). I'm also not taking any pills (WOW) only vitamin I never thought I would see this day I was waiting for death but death didn't find me.

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If I can do this you can!







very good story I hope you are doing good cause I am just starting I am so over this chase and I need someone to talk to this is so hard for me to tell my life story over the internet and ask for help but I can't live like this any longer thanks for you story


Hello RCM I am glad to here you are doing good today. I am not so well how many days has it been for you and I will send you a personal e-mail if you would like I just need some support and will support someone but the friends I have around me I can't be with I haven't talked to people I used with in about 2 weeks now so it is getting better as far as the chase goes but I want a blue pill so bad I love the taste but be strong thanks for your reply

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