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Hi I had my period on 24th march, after that I had sex with my hubby on 5th April, though it was not unprotected but we were not sure about it. So for further precaution I took ipill on 6th April. After that I got periods in 14th March,and the duration was only 2 days. So as per my last period I was expecting my periods on 14 th May, but still now it didn't came. I already tested twice wit the kit but it was negative both the time. I have a daughter of 18 months. Now we dont want any further issue. Please suggest whether it's normal or not. thanks.


Hi Amrita,

Verify, you period was 14th March or April?  It was 2 days long?

I'm thinking you meant May.

A missed or late period is a COMMON side effect of an emergency contraceptive.  Your periods can be early or late, heavier or lighter than normal, you may have some spotting, you can have sore breast, all that.  Symptoms can last for several months.

It's unlikely you are pregnant.  You took the pill in time.

Good luck, hope it helps.