Hey pls I need help! Expected my period on 18th,didn't experience any pms, and it didn't come. Took a HPT on 23rd and 24th (Trueline and Clearblue), both were negative! I had a stressful week, but I'm wondering if that's it cos I would like to assume this isn't the only time iv been stressed, so why would it affect my cycle now?(I'm very regular!). Exactly one week after my period was expected, I started experiencing what felt like pms (sore nipples,but boobs didn't feel full, and slight cramps.a bit of loose stool too)..I was a bit relieved (I'm not trying to get pregnant :( .. But now it feels like d pms is fading away, yet without d period arrival. I'm so confused.. My mind isn't at rest, been thinkin of pregnancy, maybe ectopic even (since the HPTs didn't pick it), ovarian cysts, some infection.. Pls pls pls..anyone ever had a similar experience?