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Hey ya, I have sex regularly with my fiance, without contraception, we want a baby, :-D
Well my period is almost 6 weeks late now, been about 8-9 weeks since my LMP. Got all the PMS symptoms, sore breasts, cramps, need to pee more, a bit of backache, nauseous, and ive had them on and off since my first missed period was due around the beginning of feb. But no period. Well ive done 3 HPT, all negative, the last one on sunday. And I also have thrush for the first time ever in my life, which makes me think even more that I am pregnant.
Anyway, got my blood test on thursday to see if I am pregnant.
But just wondering, read a few topics on here about people that sound in the same situation, so what do people think?
I know its unlikely with the three negative tests, but I have read from alot of people who test negative with HPTs in the first three months. So im hoping, :-D

Oh, I ovulated on the 22nd january, I think. so I would be say 5-6 weeks pregnant.


lolXD... im in the same situation thats why im wondering if i am pregnant. My husband and I really want to have a baby, my last period is on dec. 10,2012 and i test last week of dec, its negative. at 27th day of jan 2013, i`ll test again, still negative...%-)