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I try to keep up with my cycle so the week that I was to see my husband was the week 18th- 24th before I would get my period. I didn't think to start birth control because my chances of getting pregnant that week was slim to none. We used the pull out method the entire time. The week is over, he's gone back overseas and I'm back home. That Monday I wiped and there was light pink blood like discharge on the tp and after that there was no more for the rest of the day. I've never ever spotted before my period. I have ovulated twice in one month maybe three times in my life and I'm only 20 so I'm pretty fresh. The next day in the evening what I think was my period started. I always get terrible cramps to let me know the flow is about to start right then and there and I also get diarrhea and I had none of either, I just happen to wipe and there it was. I did not have the usual clumps, the flow was heavy enough to regularly change tampons, but not the heavy I'm used to and the blood was also darker and smelled old, but it continued for 5 days. Tmi, I'm sorry... So here I am almost a month later, my period due in 2 days, I don't remember ovulating this month, I didn't have any of the egg white cervical mucus. I wiped on Tuesday, pinkish blood and discharge and that was the end of that. Nothing happened on Wednesday, no spotting. Thursday I wiped and it was brown blood and some discharge, I put on a liner to see if I'd get any more, only 1 little dime sized spot for the rest of the day. Today Friday, just regular white discharge. I get little twinges in my pelvic area, but nothing more, I had a toothache today that has now gone away, for the past few days I've been really hot, I'm usually always cold, I didn't get the sore PMS breasts, but my nipples are really tender and I get minor pains in my back and cramps that are barely there. Is there any way? I don't want to waste money on a hpt, trying to stick it out till Monday but it is really bothering me. 


Don't worry about TMI - usually there is not enough information. Indeed, we need a bit more.

  1. Presumably the dates "18th-24th" refer to July?
  2. Do did you get a period in July?
  3. If so what date, and was it a normal period?
  4. What was the start date of your previous (June) period?