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hi; my names amanda. i was diagnosed with endometriosis last year, ever since having the laporscopy surgery i have been in the worst pain of my life. in january of '09 my gyno. suggested that we try the depo. shot. WORST mistake of my life. i gained 40 lbs, i was in sooo much pain still, even though i wasnt on my period. i did 3 shots, until i couldnt take it anymore. im 19 years old, and feel like im 50. i stopped the depo shot in june, and i just recently started my period, i have been on it for 3 weeks now. i went to see a specialist, the best doctor is what i was told. im schedualed for more laporscopy surgery, and he has to cut a web of nerves. I am so nervous about this procedure because he has to work around my main artery(spelling) i just want the pain to stop, nothing helps. i've been to several different emergency rooms, i've been given so many different pain medicine, nothing at all helps. i was on birth control for my middle/high school years. and still nothing is able to take the pain away. im depressed all the time, i just need some sort of break from the pain. if anyone has suggestions please help!

thank you.


Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that yo had such a hard time. It sounds to me like the laproscopy is a good way to go since it should help you with the issue. Are you anxious abuot the surgery? Can you tell us how your surgery goeS?