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Holiness is a moment-by-moment choice. Each moment that you choose to make love your highest priority, you will feel the wholeness that comes from holiness.

What does it mean to feel whole?  

We feel whole when we feel:
  • Full inside rather than empty
  • Peaceful rather than anxious
  • Worthy and lovable rather than unworthy and unlovable
  • Generous rather than greedy
  • Loving rather than needy
  • Happy rather than miserable
  • Oneness rather than separateness
  • Inwardly powerful rather than victimized
  • Secure rather than insecure
  • Faith rather than fear
  • Giving rather than self-absorbed

How do we get to wholeness?

Through being holy, which means that we choose to be instruments of love - expressing God-that-is-love - with ourselves and with others.

As those of you who have been practicing Inner Bonding know, the basis of the Inner Bonding process is intent - to protect/control, or to learn/love.

We chose holiness, which leads to wholeness, when we consciously and consistently choose the intent to learn about what is loving to ourselves and others.

We are holy when we are loving. It is being loving that leads to wholeness.

However, it is true that we need to be loved in order to be loving. The common mistake most people make is believing that we need to be loved by a person rather than by our Source. The moment we believe that we need another's love to feel whole, we move into the intent to control getting that love. The moment we control, we block the love that is always here for us.

We are being loved each and every moment. How would you live differently if you knew this? If you knew that love was always here for you, what difference would that make in your choices? If you knew that by choosing holiness you would feel whole, how different would you be with the people in your life?

. Each moment that you choose to make love your highest priority, you will feel the wholeness that comes from holiness. Any time you are not in faith and not feeling the fullness inside of peace, your intent is to protect/control. Your feelings of emptiness, anxiety, depression, anger, and aloneness are telling you that you are disconnected from your Source.

Our essence feels loved and safe when we are deeply connected with our Source. The moment we move out of the intent to love ourselves and others and into the intent to protect against pain through controlling our feelings, or controlling others and outcomes, our inner guidance feels anxious. Our inner guidance - our inner child, our true soul Self - wants nothing more than to feel connected with our Source, and immediately feels lost, empty, alone, anxious, angry, depressed, and scared when we are disconnected from our Source. It is very scary for our essence to be disconnected from our Source, and this anxiety is letting us know that we are disconnected.

Unfortunately, most people think that their stressful feelings are coming from how another is treating them, or from the past, or from outside circumstances. As long as you believe this, you will not understand that these feelings are letting you know that you are disconnected from the love that you need to feel full, safe and loved.

To get back to wholeness, choose holiness by making being loving more important to you than controlling people and outcomes. The moment you make this choice, you will reconnect with your Source and feel the peace and fullness of that connection.