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I decided I would start a new topic to give people a platform to share there stories and experiences about mental illness, and so that we can help each other or people we know who are suffering or in a similar circumstances.

I won't ramble on by telling you my life history, but I will give you a bit of background because I feel its important to compare each individuals circumstances. I am in my late 20's, recently married, I own a house, I have a successful job, I am educated and have a degree. I have had problems with mu stomach and bowels since I was a teenager, I have suffered depression and anxiety at different periods in my life, at one point in my life I was being physically abusive to my partner. 

I have suffered in a variety of different ways over the years, but what I found was that my first severe bout of depression stemmed from a lost relationship in my early 20's. The depression was so severe, that I couldn't eat or sleep or calm. At that stage in my life my mother did force me to see a GP who prescribed Antidepressants, but being of a string willed nature, I didn't take them as I didn't want to be reliant on drugs. I don't know how I got through that stage of my life, but luckily, I have never suffered from depression severely enough to entertain ideas of taking my own life. I moved closer to home, and then after I had battled the depression it manifested itself in anxiety (which I have been told is quite common). Anxiety to me, is the bodies response to avoiding future bouts of depression. You are anxious, because you are fearful, you become cautious and fearful or the most minute thing in your life, and I think I will find (when people post there own comments), that people with anxiety often prefer a very comfortable, routine lifestyle. Anything outside of a normal routine, for an anxiety sufferer, is quite destressing. I find that even if I am going on a long journey somewhere different, I don't eat much, I am snappy, I am moody, I can get to the point of bauking, and all in all it's a very strange reaction to something which has little consequence to my life. I was placed on beta-blockers for some time, prescribed by my GP. This was because my mind wouldn't rest and I was consistently thinking about work, even when I got home. I think these helped me for a time, but they were difficult to come off, and you have to come off them gradually. 

I won't go through all the details of my life afterwards, but I have had my fair share of drama. Mainly brought on by myself, by my own heightened emotional states. The most important thing that I have noticed with my mental health problems, is that hormones play a significant role. I was taken off the combined pill a couple of years ago and placed on a progoestrogen only pill. Since then, I found my brain was a bit 'foggy' and my thinking less clear, but my moods, were great. Very consistent, no more snappiness, less anxiety and general happiness all round. 4 months ago however, my hair was falling out at quite a rapid pace, and I was developing itchy lumps on my face, so I stopped taking any form of contraceptive, in the hope of preparing my body for pregnancy next year. Since I have stopped taking the pill, my hormones have gone 'back to normal', and I have come across depression and anxiety again. I have cried and not known what to do with myself certain days, the smallest change in my life can throw me and make me panic. I over think things in my life, I have vivid dreams and become ill more easily. Some days I am just debilitated. I am going to stick this out because I am trying to conceive, but as soon as I do have a child, I will be straight back onto the contraceptive pill. 

Please share your stories...good or bad....


I am a very emotional person and I think it has to do with my hormones. Right before my period and during my period I feel great. But at other times I cry for no reason or if I get nostalgic about something I just start crying. I think done of it is anxiety. I feel comfortable when I with my parents and I hate when my weekly routines are messed up. So I agree with you that ppl with anxiety like their routines.