I am 33 and I recently stopped binge drinking after ten years. My partner of ten years left me for someone else 4 months ago. I actually stopped drinking cold turkey right after (he never said anything about my binge drinking for years till after he said he was seeing someone else) and I was doing great for a month and half not drinking till I started to binge drink again on and off but no where near as much I used to. Then one day, I started to have severe anxiety and depression after a long night of having couple glasses of wine and mixed drinks. The day after, I felt like I was going to faint and so I drove myself to the hospital. I know I had a full blown panic attack and they put me on Ativan and medication for alcohol withdraw. I felt better couple hours later but since then I've stopped drinking for an additional several months with occasional beer or wine but no more than 2 at a time. Even drinking that little gets my anxiety going. So currently Im avoiding it altogether. And also the depression is the worst when I am not having anxiety. I've had several panic attacks out of no where and I have Ativan to help bring me down. But it seems like I am stuck in a behavioral pattern. I feel like after the years of drinking, perhaps the alcohol put me in another mindset and I can't adjust to being sober cause it does know what it is to be sober so I freak. It's either one extreme or on the other. Up and down. It's making me crazy and I feel like it's not going to end. Although all this seems to have to started around the time my partner shut me out of his life and I did get separation anxiety as well. Also, a best friend of mine passed away from pancreatic cancer while that was going on too which made me think about mortality and all that stuff and not to mention my job in customer service drives me nuts and stresses me out as well. I feel alone and anxious all the time. I get anxiety for the dumbest things that never used to bother me like driving, swallowing, eating alone, watching movies at the theater, and just being alone. The thought of traveling brings me fear. Now it's getting to the point where I am getting agoraphobic. I am currently moving to my hometown in a month to be around family and friends. So I hope that helps. The main reason I am writing is because I bumped my head the other day and now I feel so much pressure in my head, headache, sleepiness, heavy eyes all the time even when I get enough sleep and depression more than ever. It's scaring me. The head bump mixed with the anxiety and depression is overwhelming. But somehow I am pushing through even though I get anxious and scared. I need help with my behaviors and anxiety. I've quit drinking before and I felt fine before but now the anxiety and depression is hitting hard maybe because of the circumstances in my life and being alone. I don't know. Anyone know what I can do?