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I’m just learning to accept that I’ve been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and that I’ll have this progressive and incurable disease for the rest of my life, but I have a constant reminder in an oxygen tank I now have to have with me 24/7 or I might suffocate to death. All this hit me pretty hard and I was being treated for depression even before I found out I have IPF too, so of course that made the whole situation that much worse.

Now that I’m somewhat better, or the anti-depressants kicked in, I’m trying to get the all the tests I need to see how far has the disease progressed. But in a worst case scenario, what is average life expectancy for someone suffering from pulmonary fibrosis?


hi. i have pulmonary fibrosis also. i picked up on your depression statement. i am a viet nam vet with ptsd/ major depressive disorder. i have seen questions about agent orange being linked to pulmonary fibrosis but this is still under review. my posting is to ask if you are a vietnam vet? please reply. 

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