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my dad was hospitalized last week for what doctors thought of the time to be bronchitis - he needed to be in the hospital because two years earlier he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. This latest infection however took it's toll on him. When we were leaving the hospital the doctor talked to the family, telling us that after the infection and all the tests they ran, dad is in end stage pulmonary fibrosis. He now needs at least 10 liters of oxygen daily and is very obvious he is worse. Walking for more than few minutes seems impossible and he is simply started to look so exhausted, it's unbearable.

Could anyone tell me what to expect in terms how fast will the disease progress further? We'd like to keep him home as long as we can because simply we're all afraid to face what might happen the next time he needs to be hospitalized.


The prognosis is not good with half of patients of ESPF surviving to five years.  It all depends on the individual circumstances.  Where some patients will die of ESPF itself, the remainder will have complications from other conditions like a cardiovascular risk or lung cancer.  If a patients with ESPF develop pulmonary hypertension, this produces a worse prognosis than those who don't.  Is your dad eligible for a lung transplant?  He will be put on steroid therapy that will last throughout the disease process.  This is an option if all other options have been exhausted.  I hope the best for your dad, you, and your family.