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Good day everyone.

I assume that a lot of you have experience with pets, especially with dogs.

Well, I have a dog. He is three years old and since I have him I have a lot of problems with his health.

We are at the vet’s office every 20 days for something.

Recently I saw that my dog is a little bit disoriented and that he just can’t hear what I am telling to him. And he is good dog he always listen to me.

Again I went to see my vet and he did a bunch of tests.

When he got results he told me that my dog is diagnosed with epilepsy.

What now?

How to treat him? What to do?



Don’t worry about this. Your dog can have quality life despite being diagnosed with epilepsy.


There are so many different anti – epileptic drugs available for the treatment of epilepsy. Your vet will determine which med is suitable, based on the type and number of seizures.


I think that there are two meds that can help in the treatment – Phenobarbital and Impition. They are good but still it depends what your vet will prescribe to your dog.


You also need to take care of what your dog eats. This will be a little bit hard to control at the beginning, but you will learn it.


Tell me, do you know in what stage of epilepsy your dog is?




I am sorry about you dog.

It will be hard for you to get used on it but I think that you will be able.

Actually, I am sure.


Here is what you need to know.


The only one who can tell you what is the proper treatment for your dog is your vet. He will prescribe some meds. Following the meds, he will also tell you what the proper diet program is. Depending on your dog’s situation diet can be helpful.

There are a lot of studies that shown you need to switch your dog to a hypoallergenic diet program and prepare food for him. With organ ingredients, of course.



Hey there.
Millie – cat, what do you mean when you ask “ what stage of epilepsy your dog is”? I don’t know I didn’t ask my vet about this. Is this really important to know?
I know that he told me that this is the stage that we can deal with and that my dog can live normal life. Now I am wondering what this means. He never told me that I should switch my dog to some diet program, he gave me some meds that can help my dog.
This is really hard period for me, So I really need your support.
What is the best diet for my dog?
Should I ask this my vet?
Tnx a lot and I am sorry if I am a little bit confusing.


Hey guys,

I’ll agree with you two above. You can’t treat this on your own. If you think that you can, don’t. Your vet knows all about your dog, if he doesn’t, he will find out, and then he will set a proper diagnosis and tell you what meds to use. Epilepsy is only treated with medications, I don’t think there are any natural remedies for this. You need to know that you can never heal epilepsy or make it disappear: you can only make the seizures happen less often. He might tell you to put your dog on some diet regarding your dog’s current condition. Pay attention to your dog’s condition as the meds or the diet might not suit him.



Hey everyone,

Sadly, there is not much that you can do about this disease.

It can never be healed, if your dog has epilepsy, he is going to have it for the rest of his life, just like people.

But there is a treatment actually which people do not have: your vet needs to prescribe some medications for your dog regarding his condition and his disease history. If you use this meds properly, and if your vet choose the correct meds, your dog should have seizures less often or even never.

It will feel kind of like his epilepsy is gone but it’s really not, and you will need to give him these medications till the end of his life.



Hey everyone.

It is very important to find out in what stage is this disease. That is the only way to determine the proper treatment.

But without this still there is not that much to do. You need to accept it and try to help your dog as much as possible.

How can you help him?

With a good diet program. You need to consult your vet what is the best diet for him, because a lot of dogs just can’t accept and adjust to the same diet program.

Maybe you will need to check three or four diet programs until you find the proper diet program.



Hey you guys,

Love is Pet, I didn’t realize that epilepsy had any stages. It’s just seizures that occur from time to time. You can’t die from it, since dogs cannot swallow their tongues during the seizures, but you cannot ever heal it, either.

All that you can do is grab the medicine that your vet already prescribed or will prescribe to your dog, give them to him regularly and he should have his seizure times minimized.

Tell me I’m wrong if I am, but I think that we still don’t have a valid cure for epilepsy, since nobody really knows what are the causes.



Hey everyone,

I’m not really sure about this one. I never had a dog who was diagnosed with epilepsy but I do have a friend who has one. His Yorkshire terrier has epilepsy and he was diagnosed with it 2 years ago.

As far as I know, he is using one medication although I don’t remember the name of these pills. He told me that there are no natural remedies for this. His vet gave these pills to him and they are helping. They can’t heal his dog’s epilepsy, he says, but they reduce the number of his seizures. Sometimes it happens that a few days pass and his dog doesn’t get a single seizure.