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From my childhood  I was so vigilant regarding my hand writing that I used to change my handwriting so often. I was accustomed to imitating new handwriting coming before me one after another . I found even still now  that when I begin to write, my eyes follow every movement of my making letters causing my handwriting slow. Though normally slow I can manage somehow. But now-a- days I have another psychological problem added to it that when I find that someone is beside me to look at what I am writing about, I cant control my hand from dancing that means even I have to struggle hard to make words with excessively slow motion of my handwriting . But when I am alone , I can write normally though slow whereas I am before other people my brain becomes restless, I cant write . some suggest me to see a neurologist or psychiatric .In addition to this I ponder over my handwriting twenty four hours that has snatched away my happiness . I would like to add another piece of  information to it that I am a banker where speedy handwriting is required  instead of beautiful handwriting . when I am before my customers I feel numbness of my hands . what should I do ? WHEN I AM ALONE I AM NORMAL , MY HANDWRITING IS NORMAL THOUGH SLOW .


This could be all in your head as psychological problems often are simply say aloud "I can write, even if they all watch me, I can write and there's nothing wrong with me." you would be surprised how effective this method can be, the human mind is a mysterious and yet fragile thing, easily manipulated, even by oneself.