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If you have oily skin, your makeup might not last as long as you'd like it to. That's why we've put together these nifty tips for folks with oily or greasy skin, like me, so that your makeup won't slide off by midday and will last & last.

I am #not blessed with flawless skin. I got the sucky skin gene, because I'm part Greek, so that means I naturally perspire a lot to keep cool so although I get super tan super quick I also get very glowy. Which I have to say doesn't look absolutely horrific if I'm au naturele but if I'm in a full face of makeup with brow pencil on my cheek and liner on my forehead then dare I say, we have a bit of a problem. So, if you're feeling me on this problem, you might wanna know — how the heck can we get out makeup to stay on for longer than a couple of hours without it sliding off everywhere? I've got the answers, ladies. Buckle in.

Always, Always Prime

Even if you don't wear a foundation, it literally only takes 15 seconds to apply a little bit of primer, so it's well worth the effort. First, you gotta cleanse and tone your face. Remember when I talked about using a two in one product containing tea tree or witch hazel? These ingredients are ideal, because they tighten your pores and help to reduce grease output. Put a little cleanser/toner on a cotton pad and swab gently over your face, then let it sink in. 
Once your face is dry, dab a little clear oil reducing mattifying moisturizer over your face, ideally made with the same ingredients, then let it sink in. 
Only when your skin is completely dry should you apply any kind of primer. Which primer you choose is up to you. I'd always avoid dewy finish primers, though, because they'll make your skin look like it's a little greasy if that's how it tends to go naturally. Go for matte, powder finish primers instead. Start with a little and apply to your T-zone and chin primarily, then add some to your cheeks and around your nose if you need more coverage. Again, wait for it to dry before you apply anything else.

Foundation, Girl

I don't like wearing a lot of foundation, so I never, ever wear a full face, even when my face is feeling really ick and I feel like I need more coverage, because I just feel like I'm wearing a mask. You might be the same! First up, dot concealer into those places where you need it — under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin, using a brush to apply it rather than your fingertips. Put it on the back of your hand first and then onto your face, never dipping the brush into the pot to avoid spreading grease and germs around. Blend, blend and blend some more. 
Don't worry if you don't cover any blemishes completely, because you're aiming for 80 percent coverage — your foundation will catch the rest. 
You coverage should be light, rather than really heavy. The heavier your foundation, the more likely it is to slide off, so go for a mattifying, light, and powder finish foundation, rather than anything with a dewy or "bright" finish. And heavens, steer clear of anything with a shimmer.
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