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hey everyone..
i was told i got chlamydia about 2 week ago...
and i took me meds and all twice a day for 7 days...
my last was saturday its now tuesday..
i still have discharge?
is that normal...
i mean  when i first discoverd i should go to the docs to get checked.. i had a little burning when i would use the bathroom.. and discharge..
but now  i only have discharge.. and its really annoying... so idk if i  still have it if the meds didnt work or not.. 
can anyone help me out to what is going on? thank you


Hi Bunnie,

The antibiotics should clear up the infection but there still may be some discharge.  Check with your doctor.

You should have a follow up exam anyways to make sure it has cleared.


yeah, im going to go back in  2 weeks so hopefully it gone by then