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Okay so i recently found out i had chlamydia when i went for my yearly physical and i had passed it on to my partner (we just started dating) we both got the 4 antibiotics you take all at once and we took them at the same time. We then waited the 7 days before having sex again (exactly 7 days and without a condom) and my vagina was so irttitaed after sex i figured it was just because i hadnt had sex in a week and we would have sex multiple times a day. Now every time we have sex afterwards my vagina itches and burns, we havnt had sex in 2 days and its still itching and burning. I know the antibiotics can cause yeast infections so im hoping thats what it is and not the chlamydia back again. Does anyone know what it could be?


Go back to your Dr for a pelvic exam and a reculturing, also check your Partner for discharge. The antibiotics may have failed. It is possible that the leasions from the infection have not healed enough yet, still open patches in the mucosal lineing. It is possible that you have ended up with some vaginal scaring which the pelvic exam will confirm or disprove. If it is scaring the irritation is from stretching the scar tissue.

Male infection, the urethra heals much quicker because his urine acts as an astringent.