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My partner cheated on me last saturday with what he told me mutiple girls and one of them had Chlamydia and he just told me because i confronted him, i believe i have it as well and i am going to the clinic i want to go next week its been a week already .

Is it to late go then because its the holiday and i dont want any serious things to happen

my symptoms are not silent and i have only the burning the itching and discharge can i wait or should i hurry up :-(


Its never to late to go to the clinic.
You can get medicine and it will go away.
I know it sucks to have gotten an STD from someone you trusted.
But thank god you got one that can be cured.
you will be fine and im sorry that happened to you:(
as for your boyfriend.
Tell him to get lost and go have fun with his STD ridden girlfriends.