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hello all. I just have a few questions to ask about chlamydia, and gonorrhea. But first, it would surely help to fill in my situation, to get a more thorough idea of my situtation. however, this may be alittle blunt.
I am an 18 year old male, And i havent had many partners. Only about 4. Stupidly, i never used a condom. Im still unsure who i contracted this from, but to this point i dont even care. I possibly could be going on my 8th month of having this. I either got it in april, or june of this year. However, i had 0 symptoms. No pain, no burning, no stinging or discharge. In september, i noticed a few small bumps. I was scared to tell my girlfriend at first, but after seeing that HPV and herpes could lead to major damage, i told her. She also had them. So i went to my doctor, and he told me i had Mollescum, which is a fairly common, general skin virus. Highly contagious, it can be spread through any contact. After just a few weeks of putting neosporin on it, they went away.

Just before this, i was tested for HIV. It was negative. My girlfriend also was tested for everything. They told us we were clean. She had been experiencing stomach pain, which was first thought to be a stomach tear. But when they tested us, they said it was from swallowing my cum (sorry for the tmi) and that it would go away. Obviously we were extremely happy.

Not much later, she continued to experience pain. It would get so bad, she would pass out. So i had to take her to the hospital, because i couldnt stand seeing her in so much pain. Thats when they diagnosed her with PID. Even after they told us we were clean. After they told us the cause, my symptoms slowly showed up. Still no pain to pee, but an odd sensation after i would pee. After about 2 weeks of treatment, her pain lowered, and abdominal pain slowed dramatically. I went to the doctor and got a shot and pills for gonorrhea and chlamydia. This was on November 19th.

Since the pill treatment, my symptoms are much worse. The sensation hasnt stopped for nearly 3 days, although its fairly subtle. It comes and goes. At times i wont even feel it. After about 3 weeks from her diagnosis, she stopped bleeding from her PID, which she has had for about 2 and half to three months. We finally decided to have sex again. This time with a condom. But it was only about 2 days after my meds, but i had 0 symptoms. I could also pee much easier. There were no fluids in the condom, and no pain. for either of us. we had sex about 6 times over that weekend. And now, my symptoms are worse, and she is having discharge again. There was only one other time we have done it, which was about 3 days before i got my meds. Again, no fluid, and no pain. She was also not bleeding at all. the condom did not break either.

So i dont understand. i take the pills (zithromax, i believe) which was only 4 pills, that i had to take at one time, and it doesnt work? They prescribed her medication for two full weeks. Also, my brother has had this, and they gave him a single pill. Its almost like we reversed, from PID to the chlamydia. I know condoms are 100% effective, and the last two times we did it, there was fluid in the condom, but not much. It was more like pre-cum. Why would they give each of us different pills? I could understand that male and female are different, and my brother was treated in 2007.

Since its thanksgiving, i have to wait till monday for us to go back to the doctors, but im just curious as how, the meds wouldnt work. Could he have not given me enough? Im assuming after this amount of time, i should suspect organ damage? infertility is our biggest concern. I should also point out that i am an avid marijuana smoker. But i havent done it nearly as much these past 2 weeks. Since i become much more sensitive.

So, any tips or words of advice on this? Seven/eight months is quite a while to have an STD, but with no symptoms, its odd. Also, as a side note, since most people wonder the amount of partners the women has had, i am her first and only.

Thank you for your time, and sorry about the long post.


is da pain still goin on