Age, diet and frequency of ejaculation affect color and consistency of semen. According to ayurveda when semen gets affected by tridoshas its color and consistency changes . Usually Vata, pitta, Kapha and rakta affect semen. When semen gets vitiated by these four factors, it loses its ability to fertilize egg.

Blue, dark grey colored semen: According to ayurveda these colors appear when semen gets vitiated due to vata. Usually the colors vanish when vata gets balanced and degree of vitiation comes down.

Red streaks in semen: This happens when there is a minute internal bleeding in prostate. This usually gets cleared within few days. If it does not, you may have to approach family doctor.

Yellow, brown colored semen: Ayurveda acharyas have mentioned that yellow or brown colored semen gets ejaculated when semen gets vitiated due to pitta dosha. Herbs which normalize pitta are administered in this condition.

Thick white semen with clumps: When semen gets vitiated by kapha it looks white and clumped. Kapha normalizing herbs help to bring back this condition to normal

Yellowish green/ green colored semen: Ejaculated semen gets this color when there is an infection in male reproductive system. According to Ayurveda principles these colors appear, when semen gets vitiated due to all four doshas and needs a long duration of treatment.

Ayurveda recommends Vajikarana therapy which helps to keep the male reproductive system healthy. This therapy normalizes vitiation of doshas and boosts immunity of male reproductive system. But a strict diet and lifestyle have to be followed while using these preparations.