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We spend a fortune each year making ourselves look fabulous - so it makes sense that we choose the right makeup tones and colors that best suit our skin tone so that we can look our very best. Get to grips with skin color and makeup color with these tips.

The average American woman spends a whopping $10,000 each year making herself look beautiful, which is a huge amount of money! If you're going to spend that much money each year, you might as well spend it on the right products for your skin tone and skin color - right?

Learn about your skin tone and skin color, as well as the type of eye-shadow, lip color and highlighter that best suits your skin tone with this color crazy guide.

Determine Skin Tone

As we mentioned in our recent How To Choose the Perfect Red Lip Color For Your Skin Tone article, determining your skin tone is the most important step in working out which makeup colors are right for your skin.

There are two basic skin tones, cool and warm.

Cool skin tones have pinky/red undertones and warm skin tones have yellow/golden undertones. Generally, cool skin tones suit bluey shades while warm skin tones suit yellowy shades. A quick and easy way to determine your skin tone is to just take a look at your veins - if they look blue, your skin tone is cool and if they look green, your skin tone is warm.

Determine Skin Color

The next step is to determine your skin color. There are four general skin colors, but there are literally hundreds of hues in between these shades. 

  • Fair skin - also known as porcelain and peaches and cream. Ladies with fair skin tend to have blonde hair and blue eyes, although some fair-skinned ladies have brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Medium skin - those with medium skin tones, like Evangeline Lilly, Amanda Peet and Charlize Theron are lucky, because their skin is fairly neutral and this means that loads of makeup shades suit them. Medium-skinned ladies tend to have either golden blonde or golden brown hair.
  • Olive skin - exotic ladies like Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria have olive skin, which is often warm in tone. Olive skin can look ever so slightly green in certain lights or when ladies wear the wrong shade of makeup. 
  • Dark skin - dark-skinned beauties are lucky, actually, because most colors pop on their skin. Just look at Naomi Campbell - she regularly rocks color brights, subtle berry shades and even zany products like white eyeliner.

How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color

Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone is much, much easier than you might think. Do you have warm skin? A warm hair color with flecks of gold, brown, red, auburn, ginger or cherry will be perfect for you. If you have cool skin, a cool hair color will work for you, with flecks of ash, platinum blonde, blue, gray or silver.

It's as simple as that!

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