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im sixteen years old an i had sex while my period was on but i thought it was gone off ccause its usely off about the fourth or fifth day an a week later i took a test an it said i was pregnant so far i been gettin back pain's an head achs an chest pains i told my mom an she's cool with it i am now two weeks an two days pregnant an my boyfriend was unsure but now he's kool wit it now i find myself eatin more an don't kno y cause i don't feel hungry my insides just feel like i got to have i really want to kno why... :$


It's common to feel sick and hungry during pregnancy. The sick feelings are due to fluctuating hormones, dehydration, and/or low levels or progesterone.

Hunger is common in pregnancy because you're trying to create another human. You need a lot of energy to do that, so you feel the need to eat a lot.