I'm 22 years old i have been on the birth control pill for almost seven yr. I stopped taking them this month cause my husband and i wanted to start having a family. Second week into i got back achs(like someone had kicked me) for a week and my lower ab area hurt and we sensitve to the touch. Almost felt like i had pressure on it. Now im gettin back cramps like you would get before a period pretty mild. My lower ab area is still messed up kinda crampy and sick sometimes feeling. I havent thrown up although i have felt like it a few times. I have been craving two things like crazy little debbie( i have always liked them but it seems to be a crazy need for it) i get crazy if i dont have them. For the last two weeks i can feel my heart beat in my back which makes sleeping fun. I have taken Pregnancy test but all negitive im assume because it was too early to pick up. Now today is the day i would start my period if i were on the pill i was like clock work. Before i started taking the pill i was so beyond regular i would go two ta three months with nothing. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts. 

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