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i think i may be pregnant my period was on 23rd of march 2008 my fertile days r between 3rd of april til around the 7th my ovulation date is around 6th april i have som symtoms as i feel more tierd, had achs, i get so hungry,but feel a little better when i eat,i think i may be oregantn coz i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 30th march can you even feel the early signs of pregnancy this early?and when can i do a test?


I think that it would be too early at the moment to tell if you are pregnant. Even if you are, then you wouldn't see symptoms that you are describing quite yet.

It also depends on how long your cycle is, and whether you do indeed ovualte on the day you have specified.

If you think that you have ovulated on the 6th, and you had unprotected sex on the 30 march, then that means that your partners sperm has got to live for 6 days, although not unheard of - This is pretty hard going for them.

If you are not trying to get pregnant, then do use protection. If you are trying to conceive then you really need to get on track with whats happening inside your body in relation to ovulation and so on.

Wait until your period is due, if it is late then do a test. You can buy tests now that are 99% accurate on the date your period will be due.

Symptoms you are feeling could be down to being afraid or excited that you may be pregnant. Our bodies have strange ways of playing tricks on us!

Hope this helps.
Good luck with the outcome - Whatever you are wishing for.