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For over a year now, I've been experiencing some major stomach difficulties. I've been to doctors that seem as though their not as concerned as I am. They do not run tests that I feel need to be run. Nor do they offer me any kind of substantial evidence to go on.

I'm becoming very aggravated and confused. However, despite my failed attempts to be examined properly, I feel confident I'm posting in the right section in terms of gastrointestinal problems.

First let me start by submitting some facts that I'm certain are relevant to this case. I once was severely obese. I've managed to lose then gain a little, then lose again.. etc, etc. I recently visited a surgeon who believes that my stomach muscles have stretched themselves thin and dropped into my waist area, therefore pushing my stomach upward or better yet outward. He insists the pain I feel is where my stomach is sensitive to the touch whereas the protection of muscles is no longer protectant of it.

Yes.. this makes a "Little" sense. But still yet holds no substantial value to the other symptoms and signs that are still persistant.

Now from the beginning:
Over a year ago, I unexpectedly gained like 50 lbs. overnight or so it seemed. No change in eating habits and so forth. However, my stomach took a pregnant appearance. (To help you with the visualization). I started feeling presure so intense all throughout my stomach.. (Upper and lower abdomen). Lying down, the bed hurt to press against my stomach.

Meanwhile, my bowel habits took a substantial change. Mostly diahrea. Severe stomach cramping.

After watching and trying to figure it out, I noticed that I seem to be lactose intolerant. So I started taking "OTC" supplements. (Fast Act/Lactaid). This seemed to help with the cramping and diahrea.

So.. after a few months, I happened to find myself at dinner without the pills. Because I was by a toilet, I figured I'd deal with it. Suprisingly, I found that some milk products wouldn't bother me. So eventually I slacked off the pill and then quit taking it all together.

A few months later... I'm starting to feel better and starting to lose some of the weight. I think two months went by, the pressurized feelings passed and almost felt normal again.

Let me add before moving on.. I'd quit taking all vitamins and everything, scared for what may have been happening to me.

So one day... I up and decide, I needed to start taking my vitamins again. After taking them for a week, everyday... those old feelings came right back.

I quit taking them and it subsided. I started watching closer. Advil even after a couple of days would do the same thing.

So.. another month or so passed and I found myself spewing from both ends --INSTANTLY-- no warning. I had not ate or drank any kind of dairy products before hand either.

I spent three days on the toilet. Estimated 75 diahrea trips. Probably vomitted 15 times. I thought I was going to die from the severe stomach cramping. It was the worst pains I'd thus felt so far. They were much like the ones I'd had before over the period of this year. However these were so bad I couldn't hold myself up on the toilet. I literally thought I was dying.

It took me a week almost before I could eat after that, might I add I was severely dehydrated, but NOTHING would stay in or down. I tried to drink juice and it would come right back out.

However, I noticed everytime I went to the bathroom, there was a dark (egg-yolk yellow) oily film in the diahrea. Wiping was difficult as it was not only thick but very oily.

It's been about a month and a half now since that occurence and I'm starting to see the yellow again.

I swell up in my back and have ALOT of back pain especially right before going. There's a ranked odor to it as well.

I must admit at first I didn't have a clue what might have been going on, but after the near death experience, I can't help but wonder if there's something wrong with my kidneys and (or) intestines or what the deal is.

A detail I lacked to mention is that I've also had a lot of severe heartburn bouts. So bad, I felt I needed an ocean to put out the fire.

I do have arthritis throughout my body and since these problems have occured, my eyesights' gotten worse as well as my concentration. I've started having sharp pains throughout my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, legs, ankles, feet and toes even. Cramping, sharp, shooting yet pulsating throughout either my bones or muscles.

I litterally beat up on the other parts of my body to concentrate the pain elsewhere. When these pains occur, I feel feeble... like I'm going to break into.

I don't know if I've given you enough information to help me figure it out.. but perhaps some idea if any can help.