Hi, i'd just like to say that i've never written anything like this online.. so i'm just going to tell my story, symptoms and solutions.. i've read through most of the posts and i feel similar problems.

So I've smoking weed full time a year now.. at the start it was just with friends but then i started buying bags and smoking every day after work.. for a while i smoked in the mornings but that left me feeling really shitty.. cause i was smoking on an empty stomach and then just having a coffee in the mornings till lunch time came. i eat a lot of food but lately ive lost my appetite and resorted to smoking and then having dinner late at night.. its been really warm the past two weeks and ive been feeling nausous.. my stomach feels full and bloated and sometimes my stomach hurts so much that im almost waddling and walking really slow around the house.. it sounds stupid but i felt really sick. inside i knew i needed to start eating at regular times and get into a routine of eating throughout the day.

the past three or four days i had a sharp pain in my lower right side of my stomach, ive been really stressed lately and have lots of stuff going on.. but the pain got so bad i thought it was my appendix. everyone started scaring me and saying i should go to the doctors.. i usually brush these things off and wait till they pass.. but as a result i ended up in a&e.

they took my bloods etc.. and when they got the results back i was told a surgical doctor would examin me.. at this stage i was freaking out cause i thought i was really sick.. only to be told that large amounts of thc showed up in my blood.. basically he told me to not stop smoking weed but to cut down and stop smoking on an empty stomach.. to be honest i felt so embarressed cause i knew inside for ages that smoking all this weed wasnt good for me and that as a result i was eating less.. meaning i felt tired.. rundown.. stoned all the time.. dont get me wrong i work full time and have my own place meaning i dont have time to sit around and just smoke.. but i really am smoking to much and im starting to feel the results now. im not quitting,but im eating breakfast now.. drinking peppermint tea to help my digestive system.. going to try smoke less  throughout the day and get dinner out of the way before i start smoking. even now my stomachs turning and ive felt like im going to get sick all the time for the last two weeks.. but i let it go on to long.

the doc prescribed me codine to help my stomach and then tylex and diclotenac sodium. thats an anti inflamatory tablet cause i screwed up my stomach from smoking so much.. also i seen on this that people are always puking.. if youre smoking on an empty stomach and puking.. its going to tear the stomach lining and leave you feeling shitty and sore.. not eating and smoking also makes you feel rundown, weak and tired :( all i can say is that im definitley going to start making more healthy dinners.. eat breakfast, the doctor also told me that drinking coffee on my empty stomach didnt help.. which is sad cause i work in a coffee shop and its so convenient to have coffeee every morning before i eat..

i dont know if any of this helps but i would like to say thank you to everyone else who shared on this cause it gave me piece of mind knowing im not the only one whos suffering haha!

smoking weed is great, i dont plan on cutting it out completley cause as good as that would be for me its unrealistic cause its so good ill go back to it and probably smoke more.. oh and by the way anyone who takes mdma or shrooms and smokes a lot.. that really doesnt help..

it was so embarrising cause the doctor knew id been taking other stuff sometimes.. but he informed me that it didnt help my stomach either, so im cutting that out for a few months cause i dont do it all the time but if im going to keep smoking i can have the best of both worlds and expect my body to be 100%.