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I've been following the Lisfranc stories on here since October, when I first injured myself.

I'm starting to get really worried about my long-term recovery...

I had the ORIF on December 1, 2008, so it's been just under 5 months. I was non-weight-bearing for 3 months (only AFTER that point did my doc reveal that he tells people 12wks instead of 6 since most patients cut whatever time they're told in half!), until the end of February. Nowadays, I always wear my air cast outside the house, and either slippers or bare feet inside.

When I first got used to walking again, I could walk with little to no pain, but couldn't put my weight even a little bit more forward on my foot (towards the ball) without screaming. The pain's fluctuated a lot, but over the last few days, it seems to have gotten even WORSE. My foot's also stiff, and my ankle acts funny walking down the stairs, but I'm hoping that's just from weakness from the cast. I'm going to physio twice a week, and we're doing ankle strengthening exercises with a theraband, along with massage and ultrasound under my foot.

Maybe I'm just reading him wrong, but my physiotherapist seems surprised that my pain is UNDER my foot, in the arch. I don't have pain over the foot at all. I've only worn a running shoe twice, but it didn't hurt at all on the top, where it hurt before. Just a LOT of pain underneath!

My foot is also so stiff. Part of it might just be due to the fact that I was incredible flexible before; in fact, if I were to show you my ROM, you'd likely be impressed...until you saw what I could do with the other foot. I'm wondering if others have experienced a LOT of stiffness 5 months post-op. I'm also wondering how much of this is due to the screws, and whether taking the screws out would improve flexibility, or would I just be risking damage (as you always do with the removal operation) with no gain whatsoever.

I know pain at this point is normal, but I don't know how MUCH, or WHERE it should be! I've read all the horror stories (all you can ever find is horror stories or articles about football players who are back on the field next season...the 2 extremes, it seems), so I want to put my mind at ease a little bit by knowing what to expect at this point!


hmmmmm!! after a long break,when u r using us is painful,moreover u might b wlking incorrectly coz of ur problem using wrong muscles of consult ur physiotheripst regarding correct walking!!! did u tried wax therapy...and dont over xert to achive normalty within few days...
take care


Hi and welcome to the the 1/55,000 fractures club : ) !! If you are going to be in the numerator of an improbable statistic, I suppose there are far worse events..... and though it may not seem so at present, you will continue to improve.

I literally feel your pain. I had my ORIF 7 mos prior to you, 13mos ago (arthrex tightrope permanently placed, rather than the traditional screws, and with three external pins removed 6wks post op).

I also had PT 2x a week, with therapists who were also unable to explicate why I had varying pains in my arch as well as around my ankle. Lisfranc fractures are uncommon and I had zero success finding a PT with any experience in this fracture type. I think

One of the three PTs I saw stretched all of the joints in my foot for about 20 min per session, which I found very helpful.

Also, my orthopod recommended 'super feet' inserts (~$50 @ rei, midfoot support type) which improved my gait about 20% immediately and also alleviated the pain I had been experiencing in my arch. I really can't say enough about this product.

I was out of my robo boot by 8 weeks post op, a couple of weeks after weightbearing was permitted. As I understand, a cam boot can really jack up the biomechanics of the foot, especially at the arch, which can impact recovery. I'd talk with your dr/others about 86ing the boot if you have not already.

Recovery with this injury will not bring you back to your pre-injured state, unfortunately, but the one year post op mark will likely find you in a far better place. My pain and stiffness resolved a great deal from 6mos to a year post op.

As far as expectations at that point, I still have moderate pain and stiffness in the morning in my arch/midfoot/ankle, and also after exertion (dancing, hiking, running). It really has become such a part of me that it is not inhibiting, but it is always there to some degree.

Anyway, I think I represent the elusive middle ground. I was also horrified as I browsed through the comments of our cohorts. Bear in mind though, people tend to be more vocal about bad experiences (OMG, did you read the thread about the voluntary amputation!?!)

How are you doing now? Did you have the screws removed?

Best wishes!