On November 6th, I had unprotected sex, and I am not on birth control. I had a one night stand and it was the dumbest thing I've ever done. The guy ''came'' in me, a few different times. The morning of the 8th, I got my period, and it lasted for a day. I haven't had sex sense then, but I still haven't had my period. Before the 8th, the last time I had my period was October 12th. I've taken a few pregnancy tests and all of them have came up negative. But, I'm on lamactal and Vyvanse... could they effect the outcome of a pregnancy result? Over the past 5 days I've noticed I've had an increased amount of discharge, horrible migraines at night and I've been extremely tired. Does it seem like I could be pregnant?
And Could I ovulate right before my period,... and still get my period.. and still get pregnant? ?