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I've been seeing two people on and off for the past six months. I just recently became sexual active with one of them, and I occasionally have sex with the other.

I had my last NORMAL period on October 14th,

On November 6th, I had unprotected sex, and he came in me a numerous amount of times, and I'm not on birth control. Two days later I woke up and had yeast in my vagina that I've never had a problem with before, (I know he doesn't have a dirty penis because I've been sexually active with him before and that didn't occur) and I had something that seemed to be my period, but only lasted for the day. A few weeks after this me and him stopped talking again, and I started seeing the other man again. On the 30th of November, me and him were sexually active, but I felt wrong, and didn't allow him to finish (lol), needless to say he hasn't spoken to me sense..! But, the past week and a half i've been having an extreme amount of symptoms that can all trace back to pregnancy. I've had horrible migraines, extreme tiredness, nauseousness, but no vomiting. I had my period October 14th, and then I'm not sure if it was my normal period on the 8th of November or not. But, I should of gotten my period a few days ago, and I still haven't had it. I just have this weird feeling that I'm pregnant. I've taken two tests and they've both come up negative. I haven't had any spotting or any sorts of bleeding sense November 8th, and ofcourse i'm going to go to the doctors with in the week, but I'm just wondering who I most likely got pregnatn from. I know its horrible that I even have to wonder that.... but I would apppreciate not hearing your opinions on me sleeping around and what not.

Wouldn't it be to early for me to be feeling these pregnancy signs if I was pregnant from the man I slept with on the 30th?
And would I have a positive test if I got pregnant from the man I slept with on the 8th? Or would it not necessarily be positive yet?


I forgot to add that the man I was with on the 30th didn't finish inside me, but he came before we had sexual intercourse. That lowers the chance of him being the one who got me pregnant greatly... right?

And, because my period was due on the eight, it would of still came whether I was pregnant or not, right?
It defiantly wasn't like my normal periods are though.

& Is there a good chance I could still be pregnant even though I had a negative test?


Well having sex with no protection is a risky thing to do if you do not want to get pregnant.
Do you think that your period on 8th has been implementation bleeding?
But also by now your test had to show you the correct result. You have to know that they are not 100% accurate.


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well since the first guy you were with came inside you numerous times i would say that he is mostlikly the fater.... with that said if you had your regular period after the last time you had unprotected sex with him then no you are not pregnat with his child..... as for the guy on the 30th if he ejaculated outside of you then proceded to have unprotected intercourse there is still a significant chance that it is his (if you are even pregnat that is) after a man ejaculates he still has semen in his urethrea and when he moves in and out of you the penis gets squeezed and the some semen get deposited into you vagina.

deffinatly continue and get checked by your doctor he will probably want to do a blood test to test for the hormone released durring pregnancy.

let us know what you find out and if you have any more questions or concerns dont hessitate to ask