It seems that some people party way too much during medical school. Farid Zaer, a doctor from NSW in Australia has been accused of wrongly diagnosing around 208 patients.

A review of the medical records shows that this doctor failed to diagnose many condition among which cancer. It was found that he over diagnosed 106 patients, under diagnosed 92 patients and wrongly diagnosed around 10 patients.

The funny thing is that he was only banned from working in the organization who found his faulty diagnosis but hasn’t been banned from practicing medicine. He still holds the license to work as a GP, without any restriction or supervision. He is also allowed to work as a pathologist and examine samples under microscope, under supervision though.

His case will be discussed in the Board meeting this month.

This news wouldn’t be “so” scary if this doctor was the only one who was found to have made such huge mistakes. Another surgeon trained in India, Dr. Jayant Patel, was accused of 8 criminal charges, related to death of 13 patients and harm of nearly 30 other patients.

I reckon it is high time somebody did something about the matter, so that such medical errors wouldn’t be happening anymore. After all, we are talking about human lives here.