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I am 17 and lately I had been having memory problems, fatigue, and more stressd out because of this.

I had went to the doctor but they said that my sugar levels, iron levels and whatever other levels were

perfectly fine but my hemoglobin levels were kind of low 1. something or other. I had done a blood test

and other tests as well but not a specimen test. I have benn trying to see what has been going on with me....

first I thought it might be 2nd hand smoke but that was ruled out when I moved from the person, then

I though it was because I was stressed but I have been stressed because my grades were dropping at an

alamring rate(5avg. points every year) ( cause can't seem to remmeber anything once I have left the classroom..not like me at all!!!!!),

and now my new theory is my breathing. I have been trying to inhale more deeply cause I found out that

sometimes I wasn't breathing at all I would get kind of foggy in the head. I realized that if I breathed

deeper( to supply brain with oxygen I could concentrate more, remembered more, and stay up longer

periods of times to do actual thinking work. I really need help cause my brain is what I hold dear and

I do not know what is going on with me...maybe I am anemic, or it's the air quality in NYC but I as I said

my iron levels are fine and the latter could be possible.

Any thing that might help is...well helpful to me thank you (ie. vitamins, diet, diagnosis I can ask about, etc.)


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hey i wonder if this issue is stemming from your low hemoglobin. this could result in less amounts of oxygen being able to be caiied though the body there for depriving the brain of normal oxygen levels and thus resulting in tiredness and foggy memory. especially since you said with deeper breaths that your memory improves. i would look more into why your hemoglobin is low and try to get it up to a normal level again.

hope this helps good luck and let us know if you have any more questions or concerns