my wife has sever anemia ,she has low hemoglobin level and we have done all types of test,blood tests,urine test,lymph test ,chest x-ray,abdomen x rays ,test for the uterus and the thickness was 10.6(doctor advised her to do curettage and check the level of hemoglobin ,WE ARE NOT CONVINCED WITH THIS WAY SINCE THY STATED THE THICKNESS MAY COME BACK).

so all the test were normal,she does not feel tired,her weight is normal and she is not losing any weight,(I mean she does not have any of the symptoms of anemia )and everything is normal with her accept she has bad headaches especially at night time which I can understand from the low oxygen in the blood, but  do not know why she has low hemoglobin level even the doctors did not know the reason for this level of hemoglobin it is vary from 7.9-10.5 t its best,I took very care of her for three months with iron supplements and i manged to make it 11.8 but we cut off the supplement of iron it went down again,now it is 8

hgb low,,,hct low ,,,MCV LOW,,, MCH LOW,,,,,MCHC LOW,,,,,EVERYTHING ELSE IS NORMAL


any recommendation


Thank you