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My 4-year old daughter has a tv in her room. She's had it her room for a few months now. but i have only reccentley found out that when is sleeping, and and a song comes on on the tv, she will start to move her lips to the song perfectly...IN HER SLEEP!! She does not know she is doing this because the next morning i found out, i asked her to lip the song that came on the other night. she told me she couldn't understand the words. one night i made sure she was truley asleep by going inter her room and calling her name. i put a hidden camera in her room and put on a movie with a lot of music. As she always did, she lipped the song in her sleep. i asked her if she knows she is doing this. she said no. i asked her multiple times to see if she was sure. and all times she said no. i'm thinking aotu seeing a doctor about this, because this is starting to worry me. Does anyone have any ideas of why she is doing this? And if i should see a doctor or not? i don't know why she is doing this. DO YOU???


Dear Ms,

I do think you should cunsult a doctor or a therapist but this may not be such a bad thing. Your daughter sounds like a really smart kid and maybe she just has more abilities than the average person. I do agree that it's weird and you should talk to a professional but i wouldn't freak out about it. Don't stress you daughter out about either.