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Just a curious question, what types of pets people own.

I personally have raised everything, but currently.

we have 3 Dogs...1 yellow lab, a German Shep./Lab Cross, and a Beagle.
We have 3 Cats, all are inside/outside cats, one comes home for food and a nice spot to sleep at night, but thats it. 2 males (short hair), and 1 female (long hair, calico)

I also have 2 Love birds, 1 hand tame, and the other isn't. I have had different birds, lizards, frogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedge hog. You name it I pretty much had it. I still have rabbits, but they aren't pets anymore, these are in the barn doing what they do best....eatting and making babies when I need them.

-Canadian Girl


I am really sorry for not being able to fit in your list at the moment.
We did had a dog. He was a German Shepard. But he died long time ago. He was really old.
I am having an intention to get my self a hamster. :-)


Thats Ok, I completely understand. I would find it hard having nothing around, but these things happen.

-Canadian Girl


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Here goes ------

When I was about 8 my father came home with a Keeshond puppy from one of the people on his mail route. The daughter of the owner of the Ford garage had the b***h and the secretary at the garage owned the male. I don't know if he lied to me about paying for it. He said she gave it to me. A few weeks after I got him he disappeared and I found him under the porch, dead. He had been chewing on a dead rat that we figured must have been done in with rat poison and it killed him too. She felt terrible for me and the next year when she went off to college she gave us the b***h. We bred her with the same male and I kept one of the puppies. I sold the other 8 to get the money to buy a Schwinn Black Phantom bike to get to school the following year. I have had about 6 more (Kees) since then.

When we built the dragway, those of us who were involved used our own individual talents to get it going. One guy who was a plumber did the toilets. I did the sound system, the intercom phone system and the timing system. The second year we were open and making some money we all got paid for our efforts. I took mine and bought the first Keeshond puppy of our marriage. My wife had never seen one. She loved it.

When I was a kid I brought home all the snakes I could find and my mother put up with it. Of course I only kept them for a few days because I had no way to feed them. I don't know how she did it. Did you ever smell a nest of Garter Snakes?

A friend of my father's mailed me a baby alligator when he was at a Legion convention in Louisiana. He bit my thumb as soon as he thawed out. He lived in a stone sink in the laundry room for about 8 years. He was only about 16 inches long when he died, so I figure he was malnourished as I had no idea what to feed him or how to take care of him. My mother had to put him in a bucket every time she washed clothes because that was the sink where she rinsed the clothes from the washing machine. I'm surprised she didn't kill him just to get rid of him.

I got a Boa Constrictor the day after my first date with my wife. I saw it at the store we went to on our date before we went to look for flying saucers. I kept it in a fish tank in the kitchen with a Coleman lantern holding the plywood cover down. I went ice fishing one night with my racing partner and took the Coleman lantern with me. I never thought about the cover it was holding down. My wife was on the phone with a friend of hers when she saw it coming out from under the cover. She managed to get it back in after a lot of screaming.

The TV shop where I worked sent me out several times on calls to get a snake out of a TV. I don't know why they picked me o.O

We've had many cats over the years and have three now. A Lynx Point siamese that was abandoned here my one of our tenants. A Norwegian Forest Cat from the SPCA and a plain old Torty (American shorthair, tortoise shell) from a flaky waitress we knew who didn't want her any more. We were at the SPCA just looking around when the Weegie saw me. I was in a small room that was full of people, and every time I looked his way, that cat was staring at me. His eyes followed me everywhere I went in that room full of people. So he picked me ! ! He sleeps by my wife's head and in the Winter he gets under the covers and sleeps between us.

I had an Orange Wing Amazon parrot given to me that eventually died of cancer of the crop. He died in my wife's arms the night before we were to take him to Boston to the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital.

We now have a Goffin Cockatoo who for some strange reason likes BOTH of us. Parrots usually bond with just one person.

Our son brought home a baby pigeon years ago that was about to be eaten by a cat, downtown. I made a cage out of a TV cabinet and put it in the kitchen. He used to peep like a chicken until his voice changed. Then it was like pee-honk for a while. He was the neatest bird. He used to take a bath in the dogs water dish and lie on the floor next to a heat vent holding his wings up to dry under his arm pits. He used to peck the dog's nose until the dog waited for him to come around the corner of the refrigerator one day and whomped him. He walked a little funny for a few days but he never pecked the dog again. He followed my wife on her walks around town. He'd ride on her shoulder or head, fly ahead and wait for her, land on the ground and walk behind her, and when she got near the house he flew home and waited for her at the door. I built a window cage out of another TV cabinet and put it in the attic window for him. I figured he could come and go as he wanted from up there. He didn't want to live up there. Whenever he saw someone coming to the back door he was out the window like a shot and through the door into the house. Scaring the heck out of whoever came to the door. He just wanted to be with us in the house. A few months after I put the cage in the attic window he disappeared. Later we found a pile of feathers in the neighbor's yard that looked very much like his. I still feel terrible about that. I feel like I fed him to the neighbor's cat because I kept him out of the house. I wish I'd never tried to let him out, he was happy being with us in the house and we loved him.

Our last Keeshond died two years ago. My wife mentioned the other day that she wants another one, if we can find one we can afford to buy. Three of ours came from a woman in our church who used to breed them and show them. She used to sell the ones that weren't show quality. One I traded TV repair work for. The second she gave to my wife. Someone paid for it and never came back to get it and she couldn't find him. After a year of trying, she gave the dog to my wife. So he never got socialized as a puppy like he should have. Can you imagine a year old dog who doesn't know how to walk up a flight of stairs, or back down? The next one was her last b***h when she quit breeding and showing. She says the only breeder she knows now is up in Canada so I guess that's out. I don't think it's practical to try to bring one across the border. I guess we just keep checking the SPCA. They rescued a whole litter of them a couple years ago but by the time we heard about it on the news that night, they were already taken.

My Torty caught a field mouse in the house last winter which we had to keep in a hampster cage until the weather got warm enough to let it go outside. Recently we've been catching about three a day in my son's closet and dumping them out back. I think he should paint their tails to see if they are getting back in.

When I was single I lived in a rooming house for a while. One day when I went to work at the TV shop one of the girls at the book store near us came in to see me because they had a bat in the store. I caught it and took it home. After a couple months the landlady wanted to know what I had in the cage, and made me get rid of it. It was a cute little brown bat and I really hated to see it go.


I actually never had a pet as a child. I guess I was about 28 when we adopted a homeless cat. That cat was a nightmare! Had claws and destroyed almost all of our furniture. It also chewed through every wire it could get its mouth on. I can't even tell you how much money I spent replacing chargers, computer cords, etc. Nothing worked - we read everything about how to fix these things. We put plastic bags on the furniture, towels on the armrests, sprayed the repellent on the wires, bought the cat a bunch of toys, closed doors, etc. It became such a total financial issue that we finally gave her away after 2 years. Vowed to never get another animal.

THEN...a friend's young son knew a friend who was losing their home, and were going somewhere they would not allow cats. Somehow he convinced us to take their cat to give it a home. It was declawed we thought we would give it a try. Let me tell you - this cat is AMAZING. There has not been a single issue with this cat since day 1. It is calm...never chews anything...always uses its litter box. Very loving all the time.

Well - that is my animal story...not very interesting at all I'm sure...but I thought I would share!

Have a great holiday everyone!


Growing up I had an assortment of cats and dogs. I lived on a farm just outside of Stettler, Alberta and unlike most people my age actually experienced what it was like to NOT have running water and to have to use an outhouse!

We had a 35lb cat that died over a month ago, named Buddy. He was one of the best darn cats I've ever seen and there was a hole in my home and my heart when I didn't see him waiting on the rug in front of the door for us.

Currently I have:

One cat - Long haired White/Grey (who has earned the name Evil)
One puppy - Akita/German Shep X (who is called Bear, but I've taken to calling him Shitty McShitterson....for obvious reasons)
Two guinea pigs (Roger and Joe)

The cat I got from a no kill society, I had went in to purchase this larger inky black kitten named Petey who oozed love. HOWEVER, after drawing my money out of the bank I got to thinking about the cats there and how Petey would easily be adopted. So I went back and asked for the cat that had been there the longest. Maggie a.k.a. Evil --- growled at me as we went to take her out of the cage, and took a swipe at me (the first of many).

When I got her home, my teenaged daughter opened the box Evil was in and it was love at first sight. The two of them have been inseparable. I just buy the food LOL, and if I'm lucky I may get a pet in once in a very rare blue moon!

The puppy, I STOLE off the indian reserve. I'm not normally a thief, but I seen him barking in the middle of a barren field, put him in the back seat of my car (into the waiting arms of my other daughter) and DROVE AWAY. His little tail couldn't wag because it was stuck to the burrs that covered his whole under carriage. He threw up the largest, grossest round worm I have ever saw on the way home but has since visited the V-E-T for the first time and has been vaccinated and dewormed. Now, if only I could get him to stop biting and living up to his new nickname!

Guinea pigs (cavies) were given to us, there were three - but now there are two :-(