The woman, Christa Lilly, 49, suffered a cardiac arrest in November 2000. She has been taken care of ever since in her home by her mother Minnie Smith. Christa had awakened five times for the last six and a half years, sometimes for hours, then for days.

However, doctors have been skeptical of the mother’s reports of Christa’s awakening.

A few days ago, Christa has awakened again to talk with family members and eat her favorite foods before relapsing again. A doctor who came to examine her says that she was smiling and grinning and even wanted to go to a club and do a little chair dance in her wheelchair.

Minnie Smith, Christa’s mom, says that Christa wakes up without a warning. That morning she came into the room and asked the regular question: “Hi, baby; how you doing?” And this time Ms. Lilly replied, “I’m fine.”

Doctor who examined her said that she was in a “minimally conscious state” and would like to try to stimulate her back to a wakeful state.

However, Christa’s mother opposes to the suggestion. She says: “I don’t want my daughter to be a guinea pig for nobody”. “The good Lord is letting me know she is there, and when he is ready, he’ll bring her out and she’ll stay out.”