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I had ear pain for a while now , been going to emergency rooms , to my family doctor and been examined by 5 or 6 ENT ear specialists,, what a shame!!!what a shame!! Really you guys ... ENT s are like Plumbers who pretend to be doctors , licensed to rip off your insurance and Medical sistem . They will worsen your ear pain by prescribing bunch of meds , conducting tests on you, CAT scans, hearing tests, cameras through your nose, you name it!! but will never ever be able to diagnose the real cause of that ear pain, Never!!... I have 11 prescription medicines from neuropathic pain meds to steroids , antibiotics , nerve relaxers, drops, mouth guards ....Alll wrong! made everything worse , pain would develop during sleep and would last the most part of the day. i also tried all kinds of home remedies , made my own oils, did ear wax candles to remove ear wax, I did everything out there to help get rid of this torturing pain... no results,, also purchased special pillows with holes and a Humidifier to rise up humidity in my room during sleep, bc my ear pain vanished when I was on vacation last month right by the ocean , I was so shocked that I was thanking the ocean for getting rid of my ear pain ,but pain returned when I got back in LA.... ouch!  

Few days ago I decided to get a hour and half Thai massage , deep tissue w acupressure bc I was so stressed out of this pain I was depressed . Next morning I woke up with less pain and Im like of wow what happened ? yeah she worked on my neck , base of my neck , behind the ears, ears, head and shoulders for a long period of time , I guess it released the pressure off my ears ,  I went back two days later and asked her to the same thing again and boom!! next morning zero pain !! you guys...amazing isnt it? this is the fifth day I wake up with no pain and Im thanking the Universe for finally answering my prayers. and thank you Jesus!! for your Miracle , Amen... 


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I think I agree with you on this: "ENT s are like Plumbers who pretend to be doctors , licensed to rip off your insurance and Medical sistem". I had a cough that wouldn't go away so my doctor sent me to an ENT. He sprayed some pain killer up my nose and while waiting for it to work he sent me to see his #1 girl who gave me a hearing test to kill the time. Then he ran the camera up in and down my throat where he found nothing. So he doubled my Prilosec prescription and gave me an anti-biotic with another appointment. The cough did go away but came back 2 days after the anti-biotic ran out. On the second trip he did the camera trick again and said all is well as I coughed my way out of his office. He hit up my insurance company for $1600 for each camera invasion.