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I had unprotected sex on May 17, five days before my period was due. He pulled out but I took a plan B pill the next day just to be safe. The day after I took the pill, we used a condom and later he fingered me and then worried that when he took the condom off he might have gotten some sperm on his hand. My period still hasn't come, is this normal? Is it very likely that I did get pregnant?


Hi Alice,

It is very likely that you are NOT pregnant.

Having sex within about 10 days of your expected period you likely won't get pregnant.  It's past ovulation, normally occurring between days 11-16 of your cycle, and the egg only can survive about 48 hours - max.

You had sex on/about day 23.  It's even less likely.  You didn't need the Plan B.

Likely you are late due to the Plan B pill.  Having an early/late period is a VERY common side effect. 

Hope it helps.