Recent study found that even moderate use of popular drug called ecstasy could have negative influence on people’s memory and particularly on part of memory that’s called prospective memory. Prospective memory is responsible for actions that define our intentions for the future such as remembering to take some medicine, return a phone call etc. This part of the memory can be seriously affected by usage of ecstasy.

Previous researches already proved that ecstasy has ability to influence our retrospective memory but this new study finds that it can have impact on remembering things that need to be done in the future. During the study, scientists examined patients giving them different types of memory tasks. They discovered that people who use ecstasy had worst results and they were followed by moderate users of this drug. People who didn’t use ecstasy remembered more things than others did.

Conclusion of the study is that ecstasy has bad influence on people’s ability to remember so called day – to –day tasks. Ages of the participants in the study were from 20 to 22 and it’s sure that if they continue to take ecstasy it could have serious consequences on their future. Ecstasy is the most common illegal drug after marijuana and the number of young people who take this drug increases rapidly and that’s something we should all be worried about.