All the time we have been listening about the bad affects of fizzy soft drinks and how we should avoid them but a new study reveals something interesting and highly comforting.

Soft drinks can help us boost our memory and help elderly people fight age-induced dementia. Only two cans of soft drinks can help us enhance our memory by a fifth.
It is actually sugar that is thought of as a booster. It has been showed that students could benefit from raising the amounts of sugar in their diets.

A part of the brain called hippocampus, which is associated with creating new memories, has been scanned to see its behaviour after fuzzy drinks intake.

Twenty-five volunteers aged between 18 and 52 years participated in the study and had to remember a list of words. Those who drank orange-flavored water containing 25grams of sugar, about the same as a can of Coca-Cola, could remember 11% more words. When the amount of sugar was doubled, the participants managed to recall 17% more than without a drink.