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Hello! My doctor told me that I have the following problem. What I want to know something basic about it. I have endometriosis disease from last week. I would like to ask is the progesterone cream efficient in healing? I think that is natural ingredient and that is helpful. In any case I am looking that someone could explain me about it. Thanks for any comment or opinion.


Hello there! I heard that many women are using natural progesterone cream to help treat endometriosis. This treatment regime is gaining popularity among the medical profession to help reduce symptoms and aid treatment of endometriosis. Progesterone stops further development of endometrial cells. It is advised to use the cream from day 6 of the cycle to day 26 each month, using one ounce of cream per week for three weeks, then stopping just before your expected period. After 4 to 6 months of using the cream, women are reporting that their menstrual pains gradually subside as monthly bleeding from the Endometriosis implants becomes less and healing of the inflammatory sites starts to occur. I also read that the natural progesterone is not the same as progestin in prescription birth control pills, or the progestin used in the treatment of Endometriosis. These prescription hormones are chemically modified from the natural hormones to be different in order to be patented. This then allows pharmaceutical companies to manufacture these chemically based hormones for profit! Since these chemically modified hormones are not naturally found in nature or in the body, they have many potentially dangerous side effects. In contrast, natural progesterone is bio-identical to the hormone in your body, and is compatible with the human body with a minimal amount of side effects. I hope this will help you.