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Every month i get these excruitiating stomach cramp/pains even when i am not on my period.

I go dizzy and have regular headaches.

The pain in my stomach makes me feel sick and not in the world so to speak. Like i am just in my own world and everything else go blurry outside of me.

I feel like passing out and faint. I am always tired and have barely no energy.

Please write back.
Georgia. x.



Im suffering with these exact same symptoms... i have a doctors appointment on wednesday but i just wondered if you had found anything out about what it is your suffering from?

I firstly thought the stomach cramps were period pains but then i realised that they were'nt only happening around the time of my period. The cramps make me double up in pain and i get really really hot, sweaty and dizzy. I am always tiered and can litterally fall asleep at any time i just generally feel lathargic and lacking in energy and have constant headaches.

I hope your well, considering.