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Hi i have been getting stabbing pains in my stomach, i get the urge to go to the toilet as if i had diarreah but wouldnt pass anything but a little bit of light brown mucus. I am fairly regular but i am always worried at what i see in the bottom of the toilet..... they are always covered in mucus and i have to take a double glance to make sure its not blood (which it isnt). I sometimes do really skinny ones also and i get alot of pains during the day.

I also get the constant urge to pee, and i get pains in what feels like the bladder. Whenever i go out somewhere i am always paranoid that i am getting my period as i get a sensation of "leaking" but i am not.

I get constant headaches and stabbing pains in my temples

i get pains in my legs as if someone has cut the circulation off around my thighs.

my left foot gets a burning sensation now and then

my back aches and cramps up to the point where i have to lay in the feotal position until it passes.

i feel very vague and out of it most of the time, it doesnt feel like i am living.

i have been to the doctors and they have said its depression/anxiety/stress but quite frankly i have done everything they have suggested and nothing is working. They also said that it could be irratable bowel syndrome but it doesnt explain all these other symptoms.

PLEASE HELP i am a 22 year old mother and really want to get back into the work force but with this c**p dangling over me i can barely leave the house.


Have tried various perscription meds. Am now trying something called I-B Eaze , but just started yesterday. Am not health food fan, but that is where I bought it. Also IberGast was recommended, again at the health food store - is more expensive tho. Just have to watch that I don't take with any perscrip. meds, take I-B Eaze about 10 min later
Will to try just about anything these days !

Have checkout nearly every site about IBS on line . Probably know more than my GP at this point. She had prescribed a tablet Dicatel, but not reliable . Sometimes works and other times not. Find I can eat the same thing 2 different times, either with or without meds, one time will bother me with the med and other times doesn't without it. Now explain that one !

From what I read, supposedly hits women more than men, especially women over 50. Yet have also talked to and met women under 50 who are affected too. Doesn't discriminate.

If desperate try either of these "solutions" no guarantees as have just started, but worth a try
N. Lewis (13/12/07)
Toronto Ont