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I have been under ALOT of stress in the past month, mainly around personal problems between me and my BoyFriend. But, as of late I've been having serious headaches, Dizzy spells and crawling into bed and sleeping on and off. At first I thought it was jsut stress related and things would be fine, but now..Severe stomach pains ( the kind that keep me up at night) and a fever have been added to the mix, I dunno what's wrong.. has the stress caused this?

The pain in my stomach is all over , but there is more pain to my left side, and when I poke my finger into the area the pain increases breifly and I feel like vomiting. The feeling the need to vomit is constant, I don't but I always feel like I'm going to. Me and my boyfriend have settled out differences and things are alot smoother and happier, but why do I still get these pounding headaches, dizziness and the need to sleep on and off all day? I sleep around 12-18 hours a day now. I don't have the desire to eat or ineract with my 8 month old son!

Anyone know what's going on?


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Hmmm sounds like you should get it checked out with your doctor. stress can cause a wide range of symptomes but to be safe you need to determine if anything ealse is going on. Does the stomach pains increase when you eat/drink different things? have you been drinking plenty of fluids? the fever is a little concerning and you will probably want to rule out appendicitis or an infection. i would seek medical help before this stuff gets worse and at the very least for some peace of mind.

Good luck and keep us posted.