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For the past three months, whenever I swallow, it causes a strange pain in my throat and shoots up into my head. It is seemingly deep down there, next to my right lung entrance. I was a smoker (just quit) (due to pain) .

I have read various website info on symptoms, and have a few of the symptoms like persistant sore throat, pain in neck and right ear.
Is there anything else it could be than cancer?



You have to understand that there is always a chance that this could be caused by cancer. You were a smoker and this has negative effect when it comes to cancer. How long have you been smoking? I think that this can also be something else. Like a cyst or problem with your tonsils or adenoids. The problem is that it is hard to diagnose this without having any tests done in the hospital. You should talk to your doctor and see what can be done to avoid this problem. Have you used any medication to get rid of the pain in your head or in your throat or lungs? I hope this helped a bit.  


Good luck,