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For starters, I'm a singer so this really concerns me. I have worked in a job for the past 8 months to save up for endeavors. problem is my bosses are heavy indoor smokers. to top that off, no open windows or doors. Recently my voice is becoming very hoarse and dry. Ive had to cut out the shower solos. i havent been singing for about 3 weeks now in order to preserve whats left of my voice. Ive been drinking lots of warm liquids but ive noticed a lump on the left side of my throat that moves around whenever i swallow. its hurts to even turn my head. the pain shoots up to my left ear at times, but i have a history of TMJ problems. about a month ago i had excesses echoing in my left ear as well. that has subsided but the lump hurts. I keep wheezing, coughing, and even talking makes me tired. does this sound like an infection or has the second hand smoke put me in the running for cancer?
Please help!


You best go see an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist

I had around the same problem, where i sounded strained when i belted (which never happened to me before) and hitting notes in my high head voice I couldn't even do

I found out I had an infection in my upper throat a swolleness that was caused my LPR reflux (which is a type of acid reflux)

I'm almost not completly healed and everything I had in my voice is soo much better.

My best advice is to get checked, also the fact there is no circulation in your work facility could be causing you some irritation due to the smoking and so forth. To keep from getting sick Take Airborne

and Before you go and sing Use Throat Coat Tea (its amazing)
so it will coat your throat for the time being until your able to get an appointment to see an ENT

best of luck =]