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I am a seventeen year old girl, and when I tilt my head back and swallow, I feel a lump, or something that feels like a rock poking me in the back of the upper right side of my throat. It then feels like the saliva I swallowed, moves to the left side of my throat to go down. I am confused what the lump feeling is. It just jabs the right side of my throat as I swallow.


Hi there,

The fact that you posted this in to the cancer forum, means that you think that this might be cancer related. Well in my opinion it isn’t related to cancer because this lump that you have is connected to your tonsils. Have you had any problems with your tonsils? Do you know what are tonsils stones? They are calcifications of the bacteria and the food that get trapped in to your tonsils and then they cause a lot of trouble to people, especially when you swallow food. They need to be treated, and in some cases they fall out on their own after some time. I hope this helped you a bit.


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