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Please tell me the remedy for difficulty swallowing and feeling a lump in the right side of my throat only. It is a constant feeling (it does not come and go) and has been very debilitating. I saw my ent a month ago and he put me on a high dose of prilosec after doing a scope up through my nose and down into my throat. My condition has worsened since that date. I have a follow up visit tomorrow, but I am very scared. Has anyone else experienced the same issues?



The thing that you feel a lump on the right side of your throat is telling me that you might have some problems with your tonsils. Do you have any redness in the throat? I am not sure if this will help you but when people have sore throat or difficulties with swallowing they use mixture of ginger and honey which are very good for easing the tension in your throat. If you have an infection you will most likely benefit from antibiotics. Sometimes the problem is just in tonsils and only thing that you can do is to get your tonsils out. However first discuss this with your doctor if he doesn’t find anything on the check up.

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